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Liquor Licensing Attorney in Long Island, New York

Larry Gordon is among the very few legal practitioners with the knowledge and experience to represent clients and others in the legal profession in the niche area of liquor licensing and related ABC and NYSLA issues.

Liquor Licensing is usually coupled with a commercial transaction which brings into play Mr. Gordon’s expertise in other fields of law, such as Real Estate, Tax, Commercial and Corporate matters.

In this highly technical field, Larry, a “Lawyers’ Lawyer,” handles many referrals from other attorneys whether they are large or small in scope.

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Attached you will find the Alcohol Beverage Control Board’s® Publication, which will give you insight into whether or not you are qualified for the various types of licenses offered to the public, as well as specific requirements.

Lawrence M. Gordon, Attorney at Law, P.C. has offices in Bellmore, NY, and assists clients throughout Long Island, including: the north shore of Long Island, The Town Of Oyster Bay, The Town Of North Hempstead, The Town Of Hempstead, The Town Of Huntington, Nassau & Suffolk Counties & throughout the Five Boroughs of The City Of New York.