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Traumatic Brain Injury

March 23, 2015

Doctor looking at X-rays of a skullOut of all personal injury cases, those involving traumatic brain injuries can be some of the most difficult for the victim and their families. These injuries can have a huge impact on an individual’s daily life and often times perfectly capable people end up in need of lifelong care after their occurrence. Brain injuries occur all the time so it is important to understand what commonly causes them and how you can obtain compensation should you or your loved one be the victim.

A traumatic brain injury is damage to the brain from an outside force. The outside force can be either a blunt trauma or come from a jolt or an object of some kind that penetrates the skull. This force causes the brain to malfunction in some way. Brain injuries vary in severity and can cause a wide range of symptoms ranging from a headache to complete paralysis. Less serious injuries might cause mild symptoms and temporary physical, cognitive and psychological effects. More serious injuries can cause permanent impairments and even death. The effects of a brain injury can last a lifetime.

There are many causes of traumatic brain injury stemming from every day activities as well as freak accidents. Motor vehicle accidents are one of the leading causes of these types of injuries. The blunt traumas, jolts and penetration wounds that sometimes occur in these situations can easily cause a brain injury. Crimes are also a leading cause of brain injury. Crimes involving firearms and/or physical violence can cause serious injuries to the brain if the circumstances are right. But, most brain injuries stem from falls. Falls at home, on another’s property and from heights can easily translate into a serious injury.

Regardless of the situation, if traumatic brain injury was caused by another individual or entities negligent, reckless or willful behavior, you might have a claim for personal injuries. One of our experienced personal injury attorneys can evaluate your case to determine whether you should pursue a claim. Contact us for a consultation today.